Week Two Planning

Week two’s challenge is to sew something from the last fabric you purchased.  I had three to choose from, but I decided on this gorgeous cotton lycra from Pink Zepplelin.  I live in France, so buying fabric from America gets pretty expensive.  I’d seen this fabric and others from the same round last year and absolutely loved them, but when postage is the same price as the fabric, it really makes you stop and think before buying!   Back then I was a complete beginner too, so I didn’t even know what I could make with it apart from serviettes.  Anyway, in the Black Friday sales of 2017, there was a coupon for forty percent off and my boyfriend was lovely and told me to go ahead and take advantage of it!  I snagged this beauty and a couple of others.  The postage was still expensive, but because of the sale, the total cost was less than the original price of teh fabric.  Score!


I have exams this week so I’m going for a simple pattern – Peg Legs by Patterns for Pirates.  I’ll be using the contour waistband, which can be found in the Peg Legs Add Ons.  I’ve never made any before but have wanted to for ages.  I’m starting out with a “muslin”- I’d planned on making leggings with them anyway, but because the fabric wasn’t custom printed I’m starting with it.  If it goes terribly I’ll be able to get some more fairly easily.

Because the pattern is apparently a super easy sew, I’m challenging myself!  This is the first pattern I’ll be grading, which was a little complicated.  My calves came in at XXS and my waist at M.  Starting at the bottom, I graded from XXS to XS in between the bike and shorties line, which fit in with my measurements.  Then I attempted to grade from XS to S in the high hips, again following my measurements.  I tried not to mess with the crotch curve too much because I have no idea how that works, so we’ll see how that turns out!  Then in the contour waistband I went from S to M.

Grading was kind of tricky as a beginner to figure out, but it’s a great pattern to start grading on because it’s straight lines, and I found guidance in the Patterns for Pirates Facebook group.  I’m not sure how it’ll turn out, hence the practice pair.

I’m also making the muslin using only my serger, which is a first for me.  I’m somewhat scared because the serger trims the seam allowance, but I have to start somewhere and have been told that it’s a great pattern to use as a beginner.

Pattern:  Peg Legs with contour waistband by Patterns for Pirates
Material: Cotton lycra from Pink Zeppelin
Size to cut: Grade from XXS calf to M waist
Notions: Serger thread, white

*to be filled in with dates*
Pattern printed and cut: Yes, previously
Muslin complete:
Fabric cut:
Project sewn:
Project hemmed and finished:
Project photographed:

Notes:  I’m hoping to gain confidence and feedback about grading, as well as feel more comfortable with my serger.

Finished challenges

Week One Complete!

This week’s challenge was something warm/ soft, and I definitely achieved this!  Go to Week One Planning to read all about the preparation.  I sewed up the lovely Ellie and Mac Fall in Love Sweater in a beautiful stretch sweat from Caboodle textiles.  The alpine fleece is sooo lovely and soft and feels great against my skin!  Cuffs, neckband and waistband were a black and silver ribbing from Le Petit Lapin Rouge.

The finished product!  I also took a photo of the inside without the cuffs etc attached to try to sho just how warm it is, but it doesn’t really come through.


I was aiming for oversized, so I sewed up a size large… As you can see, I think I was a little too enthusiastic!  For now I’m going to keep it as is- it’s super comfprtable, and it might make  good tunic type jumper.


I found that if I roll up the waistband,it looks a lot better as a jumper (I think!).

Material wise, I didn’t have too many problems.  I struggled a little with my tension, but that’s usual for me.  It’s really slippery though, so cutting was a struggle.  One sleeve turned out terribly and I had to cut out another one.  Thee second time I didn’t try to cut on the fold.  Instead, I traced one side, then flipped the pattern over, crefully matched it up, and traced the other side.  This was a lot more successful!  I ended up with three good sleeves because I forgot that I’d already cut out two, but oh well.  The ribbing was super stretch and easy to use for the neckband etc.

Overall, I found this was a great pattern to work with.  I’m a beginner and after cutting out the fabric previously, it took me a couple of hours to sew up.  It was easy to understand.  The only bit that confused me was the waistband, but it was more a minute of me not understanding that it was already sewed into a circle than confusion from the pattern.  It’s so annoying because in the photos the neckband isn’t sitting right- it looks great and is sewn on evenly, but I think it needs a good press.  I’m really proud of the final product.

What a great start to the first week!


The current situation in my bathroom…


Week two’s  challenge is to make something with the last fabric you bought. I only have access to a washing machine on the weekend when my boyfriend and I go to his parent’s place in the country, and of course this weekend we didn’t go!  I’m super strict about prewashing my fabric, so I handwashed it today.  Let’s just say that one yard of cotton lycra is heavy.

I’ll give it another wash as soon as it dries and then I’ll be ready to go!

PS: The marks on the walls and ceiling is water damage, not mould, I promise.


Oh my gosh!

On Facebook lately I’ve been entering a bunch of competitions lately, never expecting to win anything but figuring that you’ve got to be in it to win it.  I got the best surprise today…


I’m so excited!  I got a twenty dollar store credit to Rebecca Page!  I now have to decide what I’m going to get… They have so many beautiful patterns.  There a bunch of gorgeous baby/kids patterns that will hopefully come in handy for someone I know, but they are mostly for girls and I’m not sure when we will find out the sex.  There’s also a few with buttons that I’m looking at for the weekly challenge of sew something with buttons, but they look a bit difficult for a beginner who’s not yet very confident.

Either way, I’m so thankful for winning and can’t wait to sew up one of their gorgeous patterns!



Lately with Chrismas and the new year, so many sewing groups are holding giveaways and competitions, and some of these involve having to join another group or checking out a website to pick your favourite fabric.  It’s great that they are holding giveaways, but it’s making me want to buy ALL the fabric and patterns!  I see so many great designs and it’s so tempting… Then I remember that my boyfriend would probably kill me if I bought even more fabric without sewing up what I’ve already got.

*sigh* Fabric is so addicting!


Week One Planning

I can’t believe it’s already December 30! The year has gone so quickly, it’s insane.

This week’s theme is sew something warm/soft, and I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be doing!  My first thought was a Patterns for Pirates Slim Fit Raglan that I already have cut out and ready to go, but then I realised that I also have the material half cut out to make an Ellie and Mac Fall In Love Sweater.  The material is amazingly soft, and will keep mee super warm this winter.

Pattern: Ellie and Mac Fall in Love Sweater
Material: Body- Alpine fleece stretch sweat from Caboodle Textiles
Cuffs, neckband and waistband- Ribbing from Le Petit Lapin Rouge


Size to cut: Large.  The pattern is for lightweight knits, and I think that my material isn’t, so I’m sizing up to account for that, as suggested.
Notions: Black and white thread for sewing machine, black and white thread for serger

*To be filled in with dates*
Pattern printed and cut: Yes, previously.
Fabric cut: Still to cut one sleeve, neckband, waistband and cuffs. Yes- Friday 5/01/18
Project sewn: Saturday 6/01/18
Project hemmed and finished: Saturday 6/01/18
Project photographed: Yes 6/01/18

Project notes:  The body fabric is super slippery, so it’ll be a chalenge and require lots of pins!  I’m thinking of ordering some clips too.  I’m really new to my serger, so I think I’ll use my sewing maching first and then finish off the seams with my serger.